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Color Sampler 3.1

Color Sampler

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This is a SOP node that samples colors from an image/screen, or generates a range of colors.

Colors can be sampled by drawing on the image/screen or by using points on a line, a grid, randomly scattered points or with input points. It's also possible to sample the most frequently occurring (or dominant) colors.

A range of colors can also be generated without sampling from an image or screen. Colors can be generated by varying the red/gree/blue channels, or the hue/saturation/brightness/value, or the temperature/luminance. Colors can be varied by using a ramp, noise or by random selection. It can also generate analogous, complementary, triadic and tetradic colors.

The sampled/generated colors are stored in a color ramp where they can be modified in various ways and can also be exported to an image or a JSON text file.

Version: 3.1

Date: 19 June 2023

Supported Houdini versions: 18.5 - 19.5 (with Python 3)
An older version is also included that works in 16.5 and later.

The asset is provided as a unlocked (editable) HDA file and can be used in Houdini FX, Core, Indie and Apprentice.


  • Indie HDA: free / pay what you want
  • Studio HDA: $5


  • You may use the asset for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.
  • You may not make the asset file available for download elsewhere, by itself or as part of another asset or project.

If you have any questions, feature requests or bug reports please contact me.