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Rock Generator 2.6

Rock Generator

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This is a SOP node asset that generates rock geometry with UV coordinates and a material.

The procedure is as follows (each step can be turned on/off):

  • Select a base shape, either a sphere, a randomly generated shape or use input geometry.
  • Transform the base shape.
  • Apply remeshing and smoothing.
  • Displace the base shape with various noises. There are four different types of displacements that can be applied and each type can use multiple types of noises.
  • Add details such as small rocks or crystals on the rock surface.
  • Apply an additional transform.
  • Apply additional remeshing and smoothing.
  • Apply polygon reduction.
  • Create UV coordinates.
  • Apply a final transform.
  • Apply a procedural material which can also be baked to a file.

The material is provided as a separate SOP node asset since it needs access to the geometry to calculate some attributes used by the material.

Version: 2.6

Date: 28 Jan 2020

Supported Houdini version: 16 and later

If you have any questions or feature requests please contact me.